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Leoncio Arizu, member of the fourth generation of the winemakers who pioneered top quality winemaking in Europe, arrives in Argentina from Spain and settles in Mendoza. As soon as he discovers Luján de Cuyo, he marvels at this place which is reminiscent to his native homeland, and begins planting vineyards with European vines.


Leoncio Arizu opens Bodega Luigi Bosca in Luján de Cuyo, hereby giving rise to a story marked by innovation, development and the constant search for maximum quality.


The winery undergoes a thorough refurbishment to add cutting-edge technology at that time, which sets the standard in the innovative spirit that Bodega Luigi Bosca had since its founding.


The winery relaunches Finca El Paraíso, a 500 hectare-vineyard by the Mendoza River (Maipú). This vineyard would then turn into an engine of research and inspiration for the Arizu family, helping them innovate by blending nature, craftsmanship, science and instinct, thus becoming the host of great milestones throughout the brand’s history.


The family’s second generation begins working in the winery, led by Leoncio Saturnino Arizu, who takes over the vineyards. As agricultural engineer, this young man provides professionalization and technical knowledge, thus creating a special way of making “author wines”.


Under the guidance of Agricultural Engineer Alberto Arizu and his brother, Engineer Raúl Arizu, the third generation begins working at the winery, bringing an unprecedented time of innovation, including terroir analyses, genetic material selection and its landing in new areas of Maipú and Luján de Cuyo.


A transformation process begins at Finca Los Nobles, placing value on the vineyard and giving rise to a unique agricultural and qualitative growth. Their philosophy has always been to respect the original spirit and add an avant-garde stamp, preserving the vineyard’s characteristic cultivation, as well as its natural slopes and original layout.


Bodega Luigi Bosca plays a key role in the setting up and promotion of our country’s first C.D.O., the Luján de Cuyo Controlled Denomination of Origin, with Engineer Alberto Arizu as an active member of the Council.


Luigi Bosca Malbec D.O.C, the first Argentine CDO-certified wine, is launched into the market, which is currently considered an emblem of local Malbec wines.


With Alberto Arizu (Jr) at the lead, the fourth generation of the family joins the winery, expanding its borders and helping it gain an international profile. The fourth generation becomes an ambassador for Argentine wines throughout much of the world, with the firm intention to share their passion for Mendoza and its wines, conveying the true terroir expression to each glass.


The Luigi Bosca Gala line is created, and the winery becomes the first to develop a three-premium blend collection.


The winery purchases Finca Los Miradores, in Tunuyán (Uco Valley), which is planted with a selection of the best early clonal vines from the family’s vineyards situated in Luján de Cuyo.


The winery acquires Finca Miralejos, in Altamira (San Carlos), at the heart of the Uco Valley, 1120 meters high. This 19-hectare vineyard planted with Malbec in its entirety has a stony soil that provides grapes of great character and personality.


Pablo Cúneo, an Agricultural Engineer graduated from Universidad Nacional de Cuyo and highly specialized in the winemaking industry, joins the winery as Head Winemaker in 2017. Pablo provides an innovative and fresh approach, through his reinterpretation of the firm’s style and strengthened elegance he adds to the wines he make.


Luigi Bosca De Sangre line is born as a result of the search for special plots with distinctive expressions. This is an alliance between nature and the human hand; an act of co-creation that reflects the firm’s style and our winemaker’s interpretation.



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