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Industry trends, what’s new, what’s next. Get to know the present of Argentine viticulture and find out everything you need to know about our wines.

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From the grape to the bottling phase

Engineer Alberto Arizu (Sir) always repeats this phrase: “the wine is born at the estate”. What is more, in the case of those great wines that embody the spirit of a winery, the hand of the winemaker is reflected, faithfully expressing their terroir.

Agronomists, the key players at the estate

Although years ago their figure was not so visible for wine lovers, the boom of the concept of terroir and terroir wines helped their work to be in the public eye, both in the wine cellars and for consumers.

Low alcohol wines

In the last edition of ProWein, the most important international wine and spirits fair at the moment, low-alcohol brands were established as a trend.

Gastronomy and winter wines

Enjoyment is, above all, a subjective experience, so there is neither a single wine perfect to accompany each meal or consumption situation nor merely “winter wines”.

Spring: Life sprouts again

As in the case of all fruit plants, the vine goes through annual cycles that not only depend of its physiology, but also of the environmental impact on it and the agricultural works conducted in function of the vineyard’s needs.

Spring: Time for blends

As is the case of all field activities, the working pace at the estates is characterised by the vine’s phenological states, as these are the factors that define which agronomic activities will be conducted in every instance.