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PARAÍSO is the result of the most celebrated harvests only, and perfectly expresses the Arizu family’s search in the terroir of Mendoza for over 120 years of history and knowledge. This wine pays tribute to Finca El Paraíso, a transcendent vineyard, the source of inspiration of many of the most important innovations, and part of the historical and emotional legacy of the family.

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As a deep tribute to our land and its people, Icono is a one-of-a-kind red originating in select estate vineyard plots from Luján de Cuyo. An inimitable complex wine of great personality and ability to evolve.

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Los Nobles

A line that reflects the vision of the Arizu family and its winemakers’ knowledge. These are wines made from select plots of ancient vineyards which are treasured by the family.

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De Sangre

A tribute to the pioneering spirit of those who began writing our story. A line that has witnessed our life as a family surrounded by vineyards. An act of co-creation that reflects the firm’s style and our winemaker’s interpretation. These are wines that express the essence of our passion.

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A wine line that summarizes our vision: only working towards excellence results in distinct and memorable wines which will stand out for their quality. An emblem of the Argentine winemaking industry, a four-generation insignia and consolidated know-how after 120 years of expertise.

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Sparkling Wines

A collection of sparkling wines made with Champagne grape varieties, grown in vineyards located in Luján de Cuyo and the Uco Valley. Elegant wines that have been conceived to celebrate and share great moments together.

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La Linda

Wines that are the result of the epochal know-how achieved after making quality wines in the capital city of Cuyo for 120 years. Its name pays homage to the heavenly natural setting that serves as inspiration for the vineyards where grapes are born, located in extraordinary areas of Mendoza.

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Our collection of extra virgin olive oils, made from olive trees older than 50 years that have been planted in Finca El Paraíso.

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A family of wines that pays homage to the unique findings as written by Mr. Alberto Arizu in his moments of inspiration and discovery, materialised in his notebooks. These are limited edition wines that reflect our vocation of constant search and innovation, as well as our close knowledge of our vines.

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