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The Controlled Designation of Origin (D.O.C.) was an initiative of one of the protagonists of our family, Engineer Alberto Arizu. Established in 1989, it was the first and most significant designation to set the parameters for the production of the Malbec variety.

Together with Don Raúl de la Mota, Alberto undertook this ambitious project that aimed, from its inception, to establish a quality standard capable of protecting the Luján de Cuyo terroir and providing prestige and reliability to Malbec, the great ambassador of Argentine wine around the world.

Representatives from more than 30 wineries in the region came together to shape this initial idea and create a European-style D.O.C. for Malbec that would give greater prominence to Argentine wine worldwide. It took a long time and extensive debates to ensure that this quality parameter applied only to Malbec, but eventually, a unique regulation was established to determine all quality conditions: the technical characteristics of the vineyard, its cultural practices, grape transportation and hygiene, the winemaking process, aging and storage, and the penalty system. Additionally, a Denomination Council was created, led for over 30 years by a pioneer in the field, Engineer Alberto Arizu.

Remaining true to our innovative style and seeking exceptional flavor, in 1991, we launched Luigi Bosca Malbec D.O.C., the first wine with a controlled origin certification. A bright violet red wine with the aroma of ripe cherry and spicy notes reminiscent of coffee, it became an exemplary archetype of the Luján de Cuyo spirit, crafted from grapes harvested from vines over 70 years old planted in Finca La Linda, Vistalba.

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