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White grapes through the winemaker’s eye

White grapes through the winemaker’s eye

The 2024 harvest is in full height, and the first advances reveal promising results for the production of white grapes. 

In search of a deeper analysis we turned to the winery’s expert Chief Winemaker, Pablo Cuneo. We asked him some crucial questions to better understand the process and the factors that have contributed to this season’s success. 

What is the balance that you would highlight from this harvest of white grapes and how did the weather conditions influence it?

Started on January 23, the harvest has stood out for a more intense aromatic profile compared to the previous year, with notable fruit expressions and citrus aromas that indicate exceptional quality.

Beyond a warm spring, careful vineyard management has been essential to ensure healthy growth. Strategies such as maintaining good foliage and canopies to keep the plants work optimally have been key in this process.

Although some zonda wind events affected growth in the spring, the harvest began with plants in optimal condition and outstanding grape maturity.

Variable weather from late December to early January favored the freshness of the grapes, while a significant heat wave in the second half of January presented additional challenges. However, the grapes entered so far have produced expressive and healthy wines.

The 2024 harvest is in full height, and the first advances reveal promising results for the production of white grapes.
What were the strategic decisions that were made to ensure the exceptional quality of the grapes this year?

Meticulous attention to monitoring ripeness, especially at the beginning of harvest, has been a priority to achieve the perfect balance between fruit and alcohol content.

Despite certain climatic challenges, the 2024 harvest is shaping up to be an exciting chapter, promising high-quality wines that reflect the effort and care dedicated to white grape production this year.

This is the first step to achieving memorable wines, conceived from the vineyard to faithfully express the character of the terroir.

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