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Terroir: our Malbec wines’ key element

Terroir: Our Malbec wines’ key element

Historically, the prestige of great European wines has been the result of the place where grapes grow and are harvested, the exact location where art and science converge to give rise to a beverage unique in the world. Bordeaux, Burgundy and Tuscany are just some of the regions that take centre stage over the grape variety, the wine style or the name of the winemakers. But over time, as new vinegrowing areas emerge, in the New World, the word “terroir” also gained momentum as the authentic differentiating factor for reds and whites.

Over the past 20 years, the terroir became a core concept in the world of wine at a global scale. Nonetheless, it is worth considering that this is a very complex term, as it represents an interrelationship between different factors: natural, cultural and human. This combination of elements ranges from the physical and chemical conditions of the soil, climate, altitude, slopes and daylight hours to the irrigation, foliage pruning and plant orientation; in other words, every human activity taking place at the vineyard. The terroir is the space where the collective knowledge of those who take care of the vines and make wines is developed through their expertise and wisdom, adopting legacies and traditions that are handed down from one generation to another. The harmony achieved among all these components, together with the study of the environment and each plot where vineyards are planted, allow us to obtain unrepeatable wines of great character and personality: terroir wines.

Luigi Bosca wines always attempt to represent the terroir, the expression of that unique place where the grapes used to make them are born. Engineer Alberto Arizu usually employs a widespread concept in France to characterise the wines made at the winery: goût de terroir, which refers to the peculiar taste of the exact place where their fruits grow. As Argentina’s emblem variety, Malbec also goes along with this tradition adopted by the Arizu family.

Luigi Bosca wines always attempt to represent the terroir, the expression of that unique place where the grapes used to make them are born.

Luigi Bosca Malbec wines and their goût de terroir

Each location in which Malbec is settled features a specific characteristic, and this is why a single terroir, in this case Luján de Cuyo, may give rise to very different wines. Luigi Bosca makes its Malbec wines from grapes harvested in its Luján de Cuyo and Uco Valley’s estates, two of the most renowned regions of Mendoza. There, this variety achieves unique and unrepeatable expressions that truthfully reflect the character of the terroir of origin.

Luigi Bosca De Sangre Malbec D.O.C. is Luján de Cuyo’s archetypal Malbec wine, made from select plots of different vineyards planted in different areas across this region: Las Compuertas, Vistalba and Agrelo. Its fruity and ripe profile is the consequence of the protection of the Pre-Andean mountain range, planted between 900 and 1100 m.a.s.l., as this preserves vines from the impact of cold winds from the Andes Mountain Range throughout its productive cycle.

Las Compuertas, the highest point at the north bank of Mendoza River (1050 m.a.s.l.), gives rise to a wine of great concentration whose personality is extremely influenced by altitude: Finca Los Nobles Malbec. Furthermore, in this area of shallow soils with boulder and stone, Malbec develops excellent character, ripeness and colour matter.

For its part, Luigi Bosca Malbec represents the Malbec of Mendoza, as this is made from grapes native to Luján de Cuyo and the Uco Valley. Featuring ripeness, elegance, smoothness and sweetness characteristics typical of Luján, in addition to the freshness, the floral notes, the tension and vibrant character of the Uco Valley.

Southward, Luigi Bosca De Sangre Malbec Valle de Uco, a wine of fine tannins, great acidity, firmness and balance, is born in select plots of our estates located in the Uco Valley (Finca Los Miradores, situated in Los Árboles, and Finca Miralejos, in Paraje Altamira), thus truthfully representing the typicity developed by Malbec at the Valley.

Finally, Luigi Bosca De Sangre Malbec Paraje Altamira is also a wine highly influenced by the terroir, as the stony soil with calcareous materials is faithfully expressed through its characteristic mineral aroma. Fresh and vertical in the mouth, of great tension and nerve and balanced acidity that adds fluidity, true to the Uco Valley’s style.

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